Southern Revival | Established 2019

Rodney and I got married in 2012 with our own little Brady Bunch. We both grew up around junk, flea markets and old cars. When we got married that was something we both enjoyed together and eventually started making things out of the junk we picked and realized there was a business behind it. Throughout the years we would hit the road and go picking for friends and ourselves as we had time. In 2019, God opened a door for us to jump in to our dream and make it a full time gig in the town our family calls home! That now brings us here, to Southern Revival!! This shop for us is a vision of going "Back to the good ole' days"! Our goal is to bring fun, community fellowship and an opportunity for other small businesses to Huntington. Once a month we open our property up for people like us to come out and sell their goods to others. We are so excited for where our Dream is headed and cannot wait to see where God takes it!