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Finding a worn down, antique piece of furniture is always exciting. However, unusable pieces tarnish this excitement. Whether you've inherited your mom's couch from the '70s or found a beautiful, but unsteady, antique chair, turn to the furniture restoration experts at Southern Revival. We believe that restoring antique furniture not only creates unique pieces, but it also preserves a little bit of history.

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3 reasons to restore your old furniture

3 reasons to restore your old furniture

It may be tempting the throw away old or damaged furniture, but restoration is always the better option. An imaginative and dedicated professional can:

  1. Keep your old furniture out of the landfill
  2. Ensure your furniture is structurally sound
  3. Transform your piece into something special

With our team on the job, we can transform your old furniture into something beautiful while maintaining its original feel. Call 936-414-9887 today to start planning your furniture restoration project.